The growth of Sudbury Taylor Rental is due to our commitment to customer service. Our staff prides itself in helping you save money and doing the job right the first time! When you are considering renting, remember these important advantages:

· Our staff can help you quickly find the right tool for the job. With well over 150 years experience in the rental industry, our staff can help make sure your rental experience is a success.

· We’ll make sure you understand the proper and safe operation of the items you rent. Safety is our top priority!

· You save money by not having to buy an item you may only use a few times.

· Our equipment is properly serviced and always in top condition. Careful maintenance and safety are priorities for us.

· You don’t have to store items you use infrequently.

· You save money when you rent an item for only a fraction of the purchase price.

· We can use our trucks to safely deliver the rental items to your home or business and pick them up when you are done.