Heating Items


Propane Construction Heaters

30,000 BTU Propane with Electric Blower


150,000 BTU Propane with Electric Blower
  Puts out a constant 150K


250,000 BTU Propane
  Can adjust from 50K to 250K output


– Propane Available Here –

Propane Radiant Heaters

35,000 BTU Radiant Heater

32.60 Day
130.40 Week

125,000 BTU Radiant Heater

89.65 Day
358.60 Week

Electric Heaters

1,500 Watt – 5,000 BTU Electric Heater


Infrared Heaters


111,000 BTU Infrared Heater
9 gallon diesel tank, 84 pounds (without fuel)
Radiated direct fired
0.85 gal/hour fuel consumption
It generates INFRARED HEAT directly to the object
without any air movement, creating a dust-free
comfortable environment. Clean, complete combustion
system produces no odor or smoke while it is running.
(Outputs just 1-2 parts per million of Carbon Monoxide.)
-Heat penetrates evenly like heat from sunlight.
   Plus Fuel Deposit


Clean Air Heaters


80,000 & 85,000 BTU Propane Clean Air Heaters
with thermostats and 25′ x 1′ Duct Hoses
Propane is extra
If you use 2 or more 40 lb tanks you are required by law to get a permit from the town fire dept.

106.35 Day

170,000 BTU Clean Air Heaters
with thermostats and 25′ x 1′ Duct Hoses
Propane is extra
If you use 2 or more 40 lb tanks you are required by law to get a permit from the town fire dept.

– Must run on a 100 lb tank, burns 7.9 lbs per hour
– Depending on how cold it is, it may run 10 hrs on a tank.
– Draws 7.3 amp on start up, 5 amp continuously.
– Heated air output is 1200 CFM
– Measures 32.3″ long x 24.3″ wide x 32″ high, weighs 161 lbs
– Has 1 -12″ x 25′ hose to blow air into tent/structure
– Minimum clearance required: front and rear 2 feet
(Rear is the end opposite the wheels.) sides 1 foot, top 5 feet

>> This heater has a $80 non-refundable reservation deposit!
>> A fire dept permit is required if you have 41 lbs or more of propane on the property. Without a permit, I could deliver the heater, but I cannot hook it up!

– Keep propane tank 10 feet from the heater.
The regulator will leak some propane, this is normal as long as it isn’t in liquid form. This is why it’s important to have the tanks 10′ from the

>> Very important, the first 6′ of hose must be straight out, you can only have 1 – 90 degree bend in the hose. Otherwise, the heater will over heat and shut off!

>>> Some towns require a licensed plumber to hook up 100 lb tanks. 40 lb tanks are okay for home owners to hook up. No permit needed if using 1-40 lb tank, you do need a permit for 2-40 lbs or more. The tanks should be on a patio block and staked down.

212.70 Day
850.85 Week

Heater-210k Frost Fighter-lg

210,000 BTU Diesel Clean Air Heater
with two – 25′ x 1′ Duct Hose
This heater weighs 637 pounds with fuel.
Fuel is extra, 29 gallon tank.

220.70 Day
882.80 Week

– Delivery is tailgate only. If renting a tent from us we will wheel to tent if you have a clear path to & from.
– If you have any hills we must be told ahead of time, we reserve the right to refuse to deliver up or down a hill if the driver thinks it is too steep. If there’s any hill or a long distance from the truck an extra fee may be added unless the customer provides 1 or more men to help move it!
– A 15 amp, 115 volt electrical circuit is required also.
– It burns 1.5 gph when running.
– Approx. run time 18 hours
– Weight empty is 405 lbs
– If customer picks up must have a trailer or hydraulic gate!
– If delivery make sure short distance from truck to set-up area & no hills.
– Heated air w/out duct 2500 cfm
– Discharge temp is 150 degrees!

Party Propane Heaters

Tabletop Propane Heater

Heats up to 7′ circle for up to 2 hours off of a
16.4 oz. propane cylinder. Piezoelectric ignition
and tip switch standard. Compact (21″ x 36″ x 15″)
and lightweight for easy portability to camping or
picnic sites. UL/ULC Listed. Not for use in living areas.
Includes one propane canister.


Patio Propane Heater

The patio heater puts out 40,000 btu and weighs 49 lbs,
plus the weight of the tank. It’s 7′ 3″ tall,but it comes
apart. The hood on top is 34″ D, you must have 24″
clearance all around the hood and 22″ above the heater.
This is a radiant heater, meaning that it heats objects not the air.
It’ll heat about a 10′ circle.

Includes one full propane tank.
It’ll run 9-10 hrs on high if above 32 degrees.


Cooling Items


Cooling Fans

30″ Pedestal Fan – White

39.00 Day
156.00 Weekly
390.00 4 Weeks


Misting Fan, 24″

41.90 Day


Quietaire Cooling Fan
 Portable Evaporative Cooler
Spot cools area 900 sq. ft. down to 26F degrees cooler
– Total amps 5.7
– Total  watts 684
– Size 28″ W x 50″ H x 25″ D
– It Holds 17.5 Gallons of water

69.75 / Day or Party