Temporary Hoisting Operators Permit Registration

Warning: The State of Massachusetts is cracking down on unlicensed equipment operators. All Massachusetts rental stores now REQUIRE a license in order to rent a loader, backhoe or forklift.

You need a license for any machine that will lift over 500 lbs or lifts over 10′ high, or has a bucket capacity exceeding 1/4 cubic yard.

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Backhoe Permit
Mini Excavator Permit
Skid Steer Permit

Once on their site, read the information and ADD TO CART


Confirm the correct equipment and Checkout

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   Enter personal information requested

   Our Renter Facility ID # is 0177368

   Enter payment info – $25 per machine type

Once you have completed the test, we’ll be able to print out your temporary license. You have 14 days from the date we print it to use it. Once it expires you must wait 45 days before getting another 14 day license.

Contractors are urged to get a Full License here.