Wedding Canopy – Chuppah

White Wood, Slotted – 7´ x 7´


Yellow & White Stripe Party Canopies


20´ x 20´ Yellow and White Striped Canopy


20´ x 30´ Yellow and White Striped Canopy


All White Party Canopies


20´ x 20´ White Canopy


20´ x 30´ White Canopy


Portable Canopies

10´ x 10´ White Canopy



Vitabri Portable Canopies with Vinyl Tops, Water Runs Off Better

10′ x 15′


10′ x 20′


13′ x 13′


Canopy Sides – Clip On

  – White

20′ x 7′
30′ x 7′
20′ x 8′

17.85 each
26.65 each
22.50 each


  – French Window

20′ x 7′
30′ x 7′
20′ x 8′
30′ x 8′

33.25 each
50.75 each
37.50 each
56.10 each

  – Meshed

20′ x 7′
30′ x 7′

29.05 each
43.40 each

All canopies require a deposit of $50 to reserve.
This deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE if the canopy is cancelled!

We hold the deposit until the order comes back to ensure that you follow the pickup instructions. Such as re-stacking the tables and chairs and removing your own furniture and decorations.

Call Dig Safe
You are required by law to call DIG SAFE before the canopy is installed, we won’t install without the DIG SAFE NUMBER! You may install a canopy yourself. DIG SAFE requires that you call “811” at least 3 business days before the canopy is to be installed. Visit online at

Furthermore, you are also required to get a permit from the town that the canopy is to be set-up in if you plan on hanging up sides on the canopy. Without sides, most towns do not require a permit on canopies 20 x 20 and smaller. To get a permit, the towns will require a FLAME RETARDANT CERTIFICATE which we will provide. You can stop by to get one or print them here. Give them the certificate, fill out the form and pay their fee, most towns are $25-50.

DIY – Canopies can easily be installed by 2 adults. Verbal and written instructions are supplied. Or call us to inquire about our installation charges.