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Comstock Castle GF90 Stainless Steel Floor Fryer / Fryolator
Double Basket Deep Fryer

Make french fries, deep fry chicken, fish and more in our propane fueled stainless steel deep fryer. Fryolators can produce 1 1/2 to 2 times the weight of oil it can hold. So, this 40 lb fryer can produce 60 to 80 lbs of french fries or other food per hour, under ideal conditions.

• Floor style three tube gas fryer
• All Stainless Steel fry tank, 40 lb. oil capacity
• Stainless Steel front, top ledge and header
• 1-1/4″ ball type full port drain
• Three 30,000 BTU heat exchange tubes with high heat baffles, total 90,000 BTU
• Double Rod Basket Hanger
• Stainless Steel door with integral liner
• Smooth Finish, High Grade G90 galvanized sides and back
• Includes two nickel chrome wire mesh fry baskets
• Millivolt thermostat allows temperature range from 200° F to 400° F
• Auto reset high-limit control shuts fryer down if shortening exceeds maximum temperature
• Has a 10′ propane hose
• Has 4″ casters for improved portability of fryer

– The propane tank should be staked down if on grass, or put in a milk crate on asphalt.
– Unit Weighs 165 pounds. It is on wheels.
– Must be used outdoors

Rent is $240 per day

– You need a 40 lb propane tank, it comes with one. Propane is additional charge.
– $100 non-refundable deposit to reserve.
– Upon pickup it becomes a cleaning deposit to make sure you empty oil and clean the tank.